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Jalan Bumbak, Kerobokan, 
Kuta - Bali, Indonesia
Phone : +62-361-847-5500
Fax : +62-361-847-5501

List of hotels in Banda Aceh | Visit Banda Aceh Year 2011

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Hermes Palace Hotel
Jln.T.Panglima Nyak Makam. Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia
Telp. +62 651 755 5888
Fax. +62 651 755 6999

Hotel Grand Nanggroe
Jl. Tgk Imum Lueng Bata, Kel.Cot Mesjid, Kec Lueng Bata. Banda Aceh
Telp. 0651 – 35788
Fax. 0651 – 35778

Hotel Lading
J1. Cut Meutia No.19 Kota Banda Aceh
Telp. (0651) 638321 -635123
Fax. (0651) 635123

Hotel Oasis
Jl. Tengku Lueng Bata No.115 Kota Banda Aceh
Telp. +62-651-636999
Fax. +62-651-635333

Hotel Sultan
Jl. Sultan Hotel No.1, Peunayong
Telp. 0651-22469
Fax. 0651-31770

Hotel Madinah
Jl.T. Nyak Arief Kota Banda Aceh

Hotel Prapat
Jl. Jend. A. Yani No.17
Telp. (0651) 22159

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As certification of angklung as the 4th world’s Intangible Cultural Heritage from Indonesia, Pameran Purwa Angklung Indonesia dedicated to introduce the treasure of angklung’s rich culture to the world. It’s main aims are to expand the knowledge about the history, development, function of angklung primarily to engage with an international and national audience. 

Daftar Hotel di Purwokerto | bandatourism

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Cenderawasih Hotel
Jend Soetoyo Street 47
Phone: (0281) 640112

Daftar Hotel di Cirebon | bandatourism

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Aurora Hotel
RA Kartini Street 27
Phone: (0231) 204541

Daftar Hotel di Aceh | Aceh Tourism | bandatourism.blogspot.com

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Hermes Palace Hotel
Jl. T.Panglima Nyak Makam 
Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia
Phone : +62 651 755 5888
Fax : +62 651 755 6999
Homepage : http://www.hermespalacehotel.com
e-mail : info@hermespalacehotel.com

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Grand Senyiur Hotel
ARS. Mohammad Street, 7 Balikpapan
Phone: 0542 - 820211
Fax: 0542 - 820222

Balikpapan Hotel
Garuda Street, Balikpapan
Phone: 0542 - 421490

Blue Sky Hotel
Phone: 0542 - 31666
Fax: 0542 - 24094

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Grasia Hotel 
Letjend S. Parman Street 29
Phone: (024) 8444777

Daftar Hotel di Nusa Tenggara Timur (Kupang, Maumere, Soe, Kalabahi) | bandatourism

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Sasando International Hotel
Jl. Kartini No.1
Phone : (0391) 22224 - 8
Telax : 35470 MBSN IA
Rooms : 48
Class : *

Daftar Hotel di Tasikmalaya | bandatourism

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Flamboyan Hotel
Galunggung Street 50
Phone: (0265) 325738

My Princess a Bath in Peusangan | bandatourism

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The Pesangan river winded through the forest like a giant snake. The closer you got to its source the clearer blue its water and thicker the forest around it. Malim Dewa was walking up towards the top of the river. He walked alone, accompanied only by a beautiful dream. In his hand was a lock of hair as large as a duck’s egg. 

Saman Saraingi | bandatourism

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Student Youth Union Gayo Lues (IPPEMAGAS) will hold saraingi Saman dance all night next Saturday, March 19, 2011 in AAC Dayan Dawood, Banda Aceh. The plan, Saman Saraingi will be played until dawn with a display fit Thousand Hills Saman dealing with local government fit Saman Gayo Lues.

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Fitri Wulandari and Lewa Pardomuan - For Nusamba Wurintara, the most prized arabica coffee beans on his plantation are not those growing on bushes but the ones he finds among the undergrowth, wedged in the excrement of wild palm civets.

These beans produce kopi luwak, a chocolate flavored coffee that is one of the world’s most prized and expensive brews.

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Rizal Harahap - In Indonesia, Muslims celebrate Ramadhan in various ways. In Riau, they take part in the mandi balimau, or lime purification ritual. Usually occurring the last day before Ramadhan, the tradition of greeting the fast by cleaning oneself with limes in the river has been handed down from the royal Islamic kingdoms. But while it was traditionally a celebration of restraint, outings to local rivers to celebrate the last day before fasting begins is so popular today that mandi balimau has become a mass picnic attracting tourists.

Pusako traditional, Pandai Sikek | bandatourism

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Stevie Emilia - Through her thick reading glasses, Wirma carefully counts her threads before weaving them carefully to create the beautiful motifs that make up her songket traditional woven fabric. Wirma is 57 and has used the traditional weaving method since she was 15, taking only brief breaks to raise her children.